Earthbound – The Third Strongest Earthbound Review!

Earthbound Feature

I had recently undergone a surgery that had me more or less bedridden for a while.  This was a planned surgery that went well, in case you were wondering.  Being that I knew the surgery was coming and that I’d require bed rest afterward, I knew I’d have to find something to fill the time to prevent myself from going insane and eating my pillows or whatever it is gun-less insane people do nowadays.  Thankfully, a certain cult classic for the SNES had recently (surprisingly and enthusiastically) hit the Wii U Virtual Console a couple months prior to my surgery date.  And, with its arrival to the West, I knew exactly what I was doing during my recovery.  With my plan set, I eagerly awaited my surgery just so I could have some time off work to take down this RPG classic once again.  Oh, and to recover from heart surgery, too, I guess.

Welcome to Earfbound!
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Support Monster World IV! A Call for Translation

I know the Wii is not the most popular console amongst modern gaming enthusiasts (despite what sales show), but there are some of us who still have our little Shovelware Players hooked up to our televisions. I love the Wii, but it’s hard to argue that it’s still relevant nowadays.  I can easily count the triple A titles that have come out for the thing in the last year on one hand, and I’d still have enough fingers to allow me to unhook the damn thing and throw it in the closet until my grandma comes over to finish what she started (that ace was a fluke, granny!).

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