Ai Cho Aniki – Have A Gay Ol’ Time!

Ai Cho Aniki Feature PicYou ever play a game that’s just… odd, almost to the point of making you uncomfortable?  If so, then you’ve probably played the game I’m talking about today, Ai Cho Aniki.  It’s viewed as being “gay” and just all kinds of weird.  But that’s a very shallow way of looking at the game.  Is there anything beneath its sweaty, half-naked-man laden exterior that could be seen as beautiful?  Could Ai Cho Aniki just be misunderstood? Could it actually be a brilliant and fun game?  I think it’s time we gave this game a chance.  It’s 2014, after all!  Let’s try new things and new experience.  Who knows?  You just might like it… Continue reading


Phelios – Myths, Monsters, and Trying to Get Laid

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Fantasy Shooter Month!  I kicked things off at the beginning of the week with King’s Knight, a game that turned out to be way more frustrating than fun.  Ultimately, I did have a lot of fun writing about it, and I hope you had some fun reading about it.  I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling with a much better game this time.  Keeping with the theme of shooters thinking outside the spaceship, I reached back into my Genesis collection and found THE perfect game for this month: Phelios!

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King’s Knight – All of You Are Dead! The End!

It’s October, and fall’s underway!  This is my favorite time of the year, and October is when I officially call it a day and start hibernating until around March or April.  The weather takes a turn for the worse, and it only gets worse as we get into winter.  Staying indoors all weekend is now something I can do without feeling guilty, and, since I’m stuck lounging around the house, why not play a few video games?  Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!  But I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate the turning of the seasons.  Considering it’s October, it’s obvious as to what theme I should focus on.  October’s been home to a very unique and highly observed holiday for ages, and said holiday has inspired a lot of excellent works of art: The Nightmare Before Christmas, everything from the Misfits, the Halloween Series.  All these things were greatly inspired by the traditional October holiday known as National Pizza Month!  You think all those people creating that stuff could actually create without pizza as their muse?

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Top Ten Essential DS Games

Finally, I get to talk about the best of the best!  I’ve eagerly been waiting to sit down and ruminate about all the great games on the DS!  However, a slight feeling of dread has also been churning in the pit of my ulcer-filled gut.  How in the hell I am going to do the DS library justice?  It’s a daunting task for one who’s so intimately attached to the system and all its exemplary games.

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If you follow my blog (thank you for being so damn awesome) you know that I’m not much of a negative person.  I’m really not.  I mostly joke around and make fun of things a la MST3K.  It’s just what I do, and what I have always done.  My wife’s recently made her peace with it, yet she still won’t watch Vampire Diaries with me after I riffed the shit out of an episode.

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Top Ten DS Game Disappointments

Ever play a game that was awful?  A game that just really should’ve never existed?  A “weekend-ruiner?” Yeah, we’ve all been there.  They’re not too hard to spot, though; at least, to the trained eye they’re not.  Is that a licensed movie game?  Pass.  Are they using a Z to show pluralization?  Burn it.  Did Suda51 rub his dick all over this?  Stab your face off.

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The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

TwainWell, Internet,  I have some terrible news.  Not only am I not dead, but I’ve lost everything.  Well, not everything.  Just all the pointless crap I owned.  My entire game library, my computer, my magazines, my clothes, all my Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, and MST3K box sets, my R.O.B., and a whole bunch of rare, but ultimately replaceable, crap.  However, I did lose a lot of irreplaceable things as well: my children’s pictures, my wedding pictures, my wife’s engagement ring, my portfolio, our tax information, and the list could go on and on if I really wanted to depress myself.

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Top Ten Robot Masters from Mega Man

Mega Man is one of the most iconic figures in gaming.  Honestly, if I had to pick the Top 3 Icons in Gaming, it would go Mario, Pac Man, and then Mega Man (phew, there’s a list I don’t have to make now).  Mega Man is just that amazing and that important to gaming.  His games aren’t only a blast to play, but they pretty much created the formula to which all Run-n-Gun games derive inspiration.  The games are also unique because they give players some choice in game progression, and they made listening to video game music outside the context of the game a thing.  Everyone loves them some Mega Man music.  In fact, when I was a kid, I used to put my Yak Bak and Talkboy up to my TV’s speaker and record stage music just so I could jam to it later.

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Wonder Momo – All the Game’s a Stage

Wonder Momo ReviewI’m a complete freaking nerd.  I get that; I’ve made my peace with that.  I’ve also made peace with the fact that, despite my limitless and unprecedented manliness, I like things that are a bit girly.  Enter Wonder Momo: a one-off game Namco developed in the 80s that’s made a resurgence lately.  I’ve recently been checking out the webcomic and show, and I really like them.

So, who is Wonder Momo?  To find that out, I’d like to take a look at her first video game.  Now sit down, my curious friend, and let me tell you the origins of the Battle Idol and her seemingly unending battle against perverts!

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Gekisha Boy – How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Copyright Infringement

There are some games I play on my PC Engine that just boggle my mind.  The PCE is known for its weird and quirky games, but there’s a particular game that’s in a league of its own.  Oh, the quirkiness is there, but it’s not the same kind of strangeness found in most bizarre, Japan-only releases.  The game’s bonkers; there’s no debating that.  However, this game severely lacks that “Japanese” feel.  In fact, the game doesn’t even take place in Japan at all.  The good Ol’ US of A is where our hero resides, and everything about this game caters toward Western sensibilities.  Sure, there’s tons of wacky shit going on throughout, but it’s all in a context that the average cheeseburger-eating American can easily relate.  This raises the question, “Why wasn’t it released in the West?”  The TurboGrafx-16 was starving for games over here, and I doubt translation would have been very difficult or time-consuming.  Well, after playing through the game, the answer to that question becomes hilariously clear:  it’s teeming with Copyright Infringements.  Ladies and gentlemen, I extend an invitation for you to join me on the insane, copyright law-shattering trip that is… Gekisha Boy.

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