Toejam & Earl – What the Funk!?

TJ&E Feature Pic

Man, Toejam & Earl for the Genesis is one of my most nostalgic games!  A buddy and I used to play it a lot when we were kids.  Now, you’d already know that if you’d read my post, Top Ten Things I’m Ashamed of as a Gamer.  If you’d read that, you’d know I’m ashamed I’ve never actually beaten this game.  Well, it turns out people I know actually read what I write, and one of my closest friends since junior high texted me to let me know how much bullshit me not beating TJ&E was.  He demanded I stop crying on the internet and come over so we could beat this shit.  Of course I obliged.  It’s not everyday two dudes can get together, sit down, and cuss at a 20-plus-year-old video game while his pregnant wife barfs in the bathroom all night. Continue reading