Ai Cho Aniki – Have A Gay Ol’ Time!

Ai Cho Aniki Feature PicYou ever play a game that’s just… odd, almost to the point of making you uncomfortable?  If so, then you’ve probably played the game I’m talking about today, Ai Cho Aniki.  It’s viewed as being “gay” and just all kinds of weird.  But that’s a very shallow way of looking at the game.  Is there anything beneath its sweaty, half-naked-man laden exterior that could be seen as beautiful?  Could Ai Cho Aniki just be misunderstood? Could it actually be a brilliant and fun game?  I think it’s time we gave this game a chance.  It’s 2014, after all!  Let’s try new things and new experience.  Who knows?  You just might like it… Continue reading


Phelios – Myths, Monsters, and Trying to Get Laid

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Fantasy Shooter Month!  I kicked things off at the beginning of the week with King’s Knight, a game that turned out to be way more frustrating than fun.  Ultimately, I did have a lot of fun writing about it, and I hope you had some fun reading about it.  I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling with a much better game this time.  Keeping with the theme of shooters thinking outside the spaceship, I reached back into my Genesis collection and found THE perfect game for this month: Phelios!

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