Gaming Editorials

Gaming Editorial

Welcome to Gaming Editorials!  Here I like to just run my mouth and see what happens.  That usually turns out well on the internet, right?  Click a picture below to start becoming enlightened.  I’m sure there’s some kind of wisdom to be found in here somewhere…


Giygas Abortion/Fetus Theory: A Visual Tale… From Beyond the Narrative!

Giygas Feature


The Birth of a New Console WarA new Era Begins



I Heard the Ending Sucked – Why I stopped Playing Knytt Underground

Knytt Underground Feature Pic


Rayman: A Legend Deferred

Rayman Feature Pic


Retro Game Challenge: An Homage Done Right

Retro Game Challenge Feature Pic


Video Games are a chore: proof of how crazy i am


Nintendo Power: You will be Missed


Sucking > not sucking: Beating games ain’t what it used to be


Games as Art: An old argument revisited


 Theatrhythm: A Tribute Done Right


Young Gamers: Why I Pity Them and How They Can Be Fixed

OvM Feature Pic


A Call for Translation: Support Monster World IV


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