Who is BygJuce?

The name is pronounced “Big Juice.”  Born in 1985, I’ve been playing video games for a little over two decades!  Aside from video games, my interests include writing, poetry, literature, bad movies, Heavy Metal, and stand-up comedy.

Thanks For Your Playing is a retro-gaming comedy blog that mainly focuses on console games before and around the 64-bit era, though I’m very much a modern gamer.  I do “reviews” of old and new games, comment on the gaming industry and gaming culture of today, and Top Ten lists.  Everything I post is injected with plenty of humor and irony, and I post often!  So come back often, Like my posts, and don’t be afraid to leave comments, especially if you’ve stories about growing up with a particular game!  And if you’ve a nostalgia-based blog, let me know!  I follow anything that’s awesome!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThanksForYourPlaying

Twitter:  @Bygjuce

Email: ninty1985@gmail.com


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