Unboxing: Megaman 25th Anniversary

Mega Feature

Last month, I received my Megaman Classic 25th Anniversary Statue, and it was magnificent and life changing.  Today, I’d like to share the newest addition to my collection: The Megaman 25th Anniversary Statue!  I wish it had a better, more distinguishing name, but that’s what it’s called over at the Capcom Store, so there’s really nothing I can do about it, now is there?

This statue is heavy as hell, probably 10 lbs., and has both Megaman and Megaman X striking some pretty threatening battle poses.  Both Megaman and X are completely silver, symbolizing Megaman’s Silver Anniversary, no doubt.  It’s all right, but this statue would look so much better with color.  Regardless, I love it all the same!

Only 1,000 of these bad boys were created, and I feel pretty awesome having one on my shelf.  At the time of writing, they’re still available over at the Capcom Store.  If you’re interested and are a stone-cold badass, I’d suggest picking one up while supplies last.  I mean, what else are you going to spend your money on?  It’s not like Capcom’s actually going to make a game for the Blue Bomber or anything…

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of this post and take a look at this kick ass piece of gaming memorabilia!



My assistant R.O.B. next to the statue’s box.


2013-09-17-220129 2013-09-17-220142 2013-09-17-220154

The remaining sides of the box.  All in all, it’s a pretty cool box.



The top.  According to my wife, I officially have more pictures of this box than of my children.  I’ve no regrets.



R.O.B next to the my brilliant new statue!




How inaccurate!  Megaman can’t crouch!  Good job, Crapcom!






2013-09-17-220834 2013-09-17-220849

X striking his fancy pose.



Indentation on the base.



There are only 1,000 of these getting made, and each statue is numbered.  I have 700.  You don’t understand how happy I am that my statue’s number is a nice, round number.  I’m a bit weird like that…



The 2 recently released Megaman statues, side by side.

———————————————- 2013-09-17-221031

R.O.B. is not impressed with your fancy pose.


Thanks for Your Playing!  I hope you Megaman fans out there liked checking out my new statue!  I can’t convey with words how freaking excited I am to have 2 sweet-looking Megaman statues on my shelves!  And, considering I’m actually a bigger X fan, it’s great to have him on my shelf, too!  Make sure you guys tell me how utterly jealous you are in the comments!


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