BygJuce @ Philly Comic Con ’13!

Comic Con

Hey, Internet!  For anyone who follows me on Twitter (@BygJuce), you’d know that I went to Philadelphia this past weekend to kick its manliness up to 11!  I had a hell of a good time despite my kids falling asleep and forcing me to carry them (50 lbs. gets real freaking heavy after an hour).  I met a lot of cool artists, fellow geeks, and gorgeous celebrities, including Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, William “”The Shat” Shatner, and the entire cast of Firefly – minus Nathan Fillion who was scheduled but canceled because of other obligations.

Though the cool merchandise and the star appeal is great, I really go to these conventions for one thing: Cosplayers!  I don’t cosplay myself because by wife would divorce me out of embarrassment, but I do appreciate me some good cosplayers when I see ’em.  So I’d like to share my favorite pastime: Photographing my favorite heroes and villains doing mundane things!  Yay!


2013-05-31 15.29.28

Spawn caught reading a newspaper.


2013-05-31 17.27.13

Gandalf and a luchador preparing for battle, probably against the drug dealer offering them a joint.


2013-06-01 13.02.32

The Cobra Commander going Green.


2013-06-01 13.55.37

Rorschach and Marry Poppins sharing a laugh with a random puppet.


2013-06-01 15.35.54

Deadpool suiting up with Harley Quinn.  Would the Joker approve?


2013-06-01 12.28.43

He’s too busy enjoying his carbonated beverage.  Where’s Batman during all this?


2013-06-01 12.19.40

Batman himself is stuck waiting in line for an over-priced hotdog.


2013-06-01 12.02.46

Speaking of Batman, Terry McGinnis just arrived!


2013-06-01 16.03.15

Nearby, two brothers of legend prepare their packed lunch.


2013-06-01 16.23.24

Meanwhile, Sephiroth scrutinizes the expensive action figures.


2013-06-01 13.03.49

Sgt. Slaughter kicking the conventions manliness up to 12!


2013-06-01 16.39.46

There are no words…


Now, for your entertainment, I present to you the individuals who chose to break race barrier.  Using Blacula as my guide, I took it upon myself to name these new characters.


2013-06-01 16.20.38

Blante and Chef Deadpool posing with my dumb-ass finger blocking the lens.


2013-06-01 16.45.19

Blatman illustrating proper posture while surfing.


2013-06-01 16.46.08

Blorpion is about to get Toasty on my ass!


2013-06-01 16.06.04

And from Power Rangers, the Black Ranger and the Black Ranger.


Lastly, some miscellaneous things.  First, I found a Blank and commissioned an artist to combine my favorite Marvel hero with something my daughters love:

2013-06-03 22.57.53

HA!  What a delicious pun!


Next, the all time funniest shirt I have ever had the pleasure of awkwardly rubbing my face against:

2013-06-01 13.37.34

If viewing this didn’t make you poop with laughter, you’re either too young or don’t have a soul.


Lastly, I’d like to present “BygJuce’s Greatest Costume” Award!  And this prestigious and coveted honor goes to…

2013-05-31 15.09.43

The Red Jaguars!


Congratulations to the Red Jaguars who not only had the funniest and therefore best costume, but also for showing dedication by epically failing at piecing the Shrine of the Silver Monkey together so miserably that I got frustrated and started yelling at them.  Ah, just like old times!

There you go!  I hope you got a few laughs out of this.  If you guys have any good stories about any conventions you’ve been to, make sure to leave them in the comments below.  Also, if you’re not following me on Twitter yet, fix that immediately!  Just find @BygJuce and click that follow button.

Thanks for your Playing!


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