Superman vs. Iron Man


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Mega Man II – An Icon Enters the Fray

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Last week was E3, and this happened:

I’m sure a bunch of other stuff happened, but after watching this I no longer cared.  Mega Man trashing the mascots of Nintendo is just so euphoric.  It’s enough to give you a raging nerd boner, while the vague “2014” release date is enough to give you droopy nerd blue balls. Continue reading

Men’s Room Mayhem – A Case Study by Dr. BygJuce

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Finally, a game that has all the appeal one would expect from being a men’s room janitor.  That may sound sarcastic, but I assure you that that statement was written with all the respect a men’s room sanitation engineering simulation deserves. Continue reading

The Birth of a New Console War

BackgroundLadies and gentlemen, E3 2013 is underway, and I have to say that it has not disappointed me one bit, mostly because I’ve never given a shit about Xbox.  And it’s my lack of shits for the Xbox that makes this E3 so much better.  With their awful stances on used games and always-on internet connectivity alienating their own fanbase, Xbox has pretty much dug themselves a hole deep enough to put in all of Bill Gates’s money.  Now THAT’S a pretty big hole!  Moreover, Microsoft’s reps keep putting their damn feet in their mouths with the stupid shit they say.  You want to play 360 and XBLA games on your shiny new Xbox One?  “Tough titty,” connotes Don Mattrick, Microsoft Head of Interactive Entertainment Business.  He thinks “if you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.”  Thanks, dick hole.  That’s exactly how you don’t piss off your customers.

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BygJuce @ Philly Comic Con ’13!

Comic Con

Hey, Internet!  For anyone who follows me on Twitter (@BygJuce), you’d know that I went to Philadelphia this past weekend to kick its manliness up to 11!  I had a hell of a good time despite my kids falling asleep and forcing me to carry them (50 lbs. gets real freaking heavy after an hour).  I met a lot of cool artists, fellow geeks, and gorgeous celebrities, including Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, William “”The Shat” Shatner, and the entire cast of Firefly – minus Nathan Fillion who was scheduled but canceled because of other obligations.

Though the cool merchandise and the star appeal is great, I really go to these conventions for one thing: Cosplayers!  I don’t cosplay myself because by wife would divorce me out of embarrassment, but I do appreciate me some good cosplayers when I see ’em.  So I’d like to share my favorite pastime: Photographing my favorite heroes and villains doing mundane things!  Yay! Continue reading

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Over on ScrewAttack, a g1 named Dallinag runs a blog called Ask the Experts.  On this blog, he sends random questions for other g1s to answer.  He then posts the answers for the entire community to view, and hilarity ensues.  Recently, I had been asked to be an expert on the blog.  The following was my response: Continue reading