Punch Out!! Project Poster!!

Feature Pic

So I made this completely unnecessary yet angelic and elegant piece of greatness to hang in my office at work, and I wanted to share it because I knew you guys would find it proportionately transcendent and manly.  I present to you, in all its majesty and glory, my Punch Out!! Project Poster!!


It’s equal parts “Badass” and “Beautiful.”

I created this 11″ x 14″ poster as a fun and interesting way to let my team know what we should be working on and what we need to keep on our radar.  I also made it as a reminder to myself about what these projects really are to me: Obstacles in my way that I’m going to take down, regardless of the odds.  Because that’s exactly what Little Mac represents to me: the Tenacious Underdog in all of Us.  If you work hard enough with direction, you’re going to win.  And as goofy as that sounds, viewing things in this perspective really gets me pumped and motivated and ready to kick ass!

And now, the Punch Out!! theme as performed by the Russian National Choir.

The project topics in the middle are removable, held in place by Velcro strips.  The Mario Ref is also removable and can be placed next to the project I’m currently focusing on.  Each are printed on glossy paper and look amazing popping out from the poster.


The character proportions are a tad off…

Each project is represented by a different Punch Out!! opponent.  For our current projects, I chose my favorite 8-bit boxers from the NES classic: the seemingly invulnerable King Hippo, the original One-Hit KO Monster Bald Bull, and the perpetually pecs-flexing Super Macho Man.  Off to the left you have the Dynamite Kid himself, “Iron” Mike Tyson, flexing and winking.  And then there’s Little Mac at the bottom, poised and ready to take them all down.  Of course, Doc is in the bottom right corner cheering Mac on.  I was going to have him say something funny from the game, but I decided to keep it positive and coherent.


If you really analysis this, it’s the punctuation that’s the best part.

Punch Out!! has always been one of my favorite series.  I remember playing the shit out of the original when it was brand new (to date myself, I was in kindergarten).  Having this hanging in my office means a lot to me, despite how juvenile it looks.  Looking at this poster makes me want to finish my work so I can take on the next thing.  Ironically, there have been times when I find myself staring at it instead of actually being productive.  But how could I not!  It’s just so damn outstanding!

I plan on making all sorts of sweet stuff to put in my office.  Maybe a Sonic-themed banner that shows my progress on a project or goal?  Hmm…

Anyway, I felt this poster was too awesome not to share.  What do you think?  Pretty sweet, eh?  If you have any ideas for future projects or would just like to lavish praise on my genius, feel free to do so in the comments below.

008That’s not lens flare; that happens every time he winks.


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