The Steak Challenge

I wanted to do a quick post about a contest that I’m running on ScrewAttack.

If you don’t know what ScrewAttack is, shame on you!  Basically, it’s a gaming site that showed me that the retro gaming scene was a thing.  I’ve always played video games, I’ve always been a collector, and I’ve always liked revisiting the games I played as a kid.  It really wasn’t until I stumbled upon ScrewAttack that I discovered that there were so many more people like me, and some of these people were creating videos that spoke to my retro gaming sensibilities.  Back in 2006, I discovered the Angry Video Game Nerd, (then the Angry Nintendo Nerd) which introduced me to ScrewAttack.  I’ve been a huge fan of their stuff through the years (Captain S being my all-time favorite).  My favorite thing about ScrewAttack currently is the community.  Everyone there is so cool, and they like to share stuff with each other (content, news, videos, etc.).

Anyway, as a thinly-veiled attempt at promoting my blog and possibly gaining Followers and Likes on my Facebook page and whatnot, I’ve decided to post something on ScrewAttack and place a challenge: A Steak Challenge!  Essentially, I’ll buy you a steak if you can out-funny me and write about the manliest game ever!  And I won’t be deciding on the winner.  I’m letting the g1s over at ScrewAttack do that for me.  You know, to keep it fair.  I encourage everyone to participate and have fun!  I want this to be something awesome!  And who knows?  Maybe YOU will be the one to win the steak?

So go here to read my post and accept my challenge!  Read below if you’d like the challenge details.


Steak Challenge!

You g1s think you know a manlier game?  Then tell me!  If anyone can find me a manlier game and convince me of its superior virility through a reaction post, I will buy you a steak!  Seriously.   I will get you a gift card to a restaurant of your choosing and buy you a steak!  And it won’t be me deciding; I’ll leave that up to the g1s!

To be eligible, you have to:

1.)  Post your entry here on ScrewAttack, and the title of your post must read “STEAK CHALLENGE: (Insert Your Post’s Title here).”

2.)  Put a link to this post somewhere in your post and call me out!  Let the g1s know about the Steak Challenge!

3.)  Be creative and support your assertions!  If you want steak, you better be able to argue why your game is manlier!  You don’t have to argue with me or do counter points or a comparison of your game against mine.  Just talk about a manly game you know and why you think it’s the manliest!

4.)  Edit your post!  I don’t want something I have trouble reading.  If the post is junk, I’m not going to count it.  Try to come across as professionally as you can!  After all, this is for steak!

5.)  Send me a message with a link to your post!

I’ll be accepting entries until 10/29/12.  All you have to do is make your post and message me the link.  On 11/02/12, I’ll compile all the entries and post all the links onto a single post.  That’s when the voting will start!  Details on how to vote are forthcoming.  Voting will continue until 11/09/12.  On 11/12/12, I will reveal the winner!  Which of course will be me because I’ve chosen the manliest game!

Again, g1s, be creative!  Use pics and/or videos and be funny!  Let’s make this a huge success and have fun with it!  If this goes well, I’d like to do more things like this.

Oh, and make sure to Like me on Facebook.  And spread the word!


4 thoughts on “The Steak Challenge

  1. How did I never realise that ScrewAttack had a community? 🙂 I’ve been watching (and downloading to iPod) their shows from GameTrailers for years now, but never thought of actually going to their website!

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve just joined up and linked my YouTube show to my account as well 🙂 Will check out your competition as well!

      • Thanks! 🙂

        One question, which board do I post my entry in? (I think I have a worthy contender to manliest game)

        Also, which board on ScrewAttack do most people hang out? Seems like a lot of activity, but not where I’d expect it! (Also don’t like how PC gaming is left out of the Modern Gaming section, but I’ll forgive them because the ScrewAttack shows are so good!)

      • Anywhere on the site is fine. I figure most people will put it as a blog post or something. Just make sure you let me know where it is. SA has a private messaging system 🙂

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