Nintendo Power: You Will Be Missed


Today, I received the above letter in the mail along with my newest issue of Nintendo Power.  It’s one of the saddest pieces of literature to have ever been written.

It’s a farewell letter from the publication stating that it’s had a good run but will be exiting the media of print gracefully.  It goes on to thank me for my patronage, and it says I will be receiving a refund.  As generous as that is, NP, it does nothing for the hole in my chest where my heart used to be.

I know how you feel…

This wasn’t at all a surprise to me.  I’d read things online for the past month or so from the editors and writers of the magazine about the impending final December issue.  But to actually hold in my hand a tangible piece of evidence officially stating that the end is nigh is… well… it’s a bit sobering.

I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy, and I’ve been a subscriber to Nintendo Power nearly my whole life.  My mom got me a subscription in the early 90’s as a gift for learning how to read!  I was a subscriber until the end of junior high, and I re-subscribed when the Wii was about to launch, which I think was my freshman or sophomore year in college.  Granted, by that time, the magic of NP had dwindled a lot for me, but, even as a grown man, I still love getting it in the mail.  To this day, coming home to see that familiar magazine popping out of my mailbox gives me those same excited feelings I got as a kid.  However, this letter has single-handedly killed a part of my childhood that I had miraculously brought with me to my adult life.  It kind of stings, feeling your inner child die.

My inner child dying.

I can’t blame Nintendo, though.  As they state in the letter, they have a plethora of other free mediums to get news out to the world.  A printed magazine just can’t cut it anymore in the information age, and it must be dropped; it’s just a good business move.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the loss any easier.

The worse part about all this is that I was an avid collector of Nintendo PowerBefore I lost everything, I had the first 100 issues and everything from issue 180 up with some issues in between.  I used to grab a random issue every friday night and read parts of it throughout the weekend.  It was a beloved ritual of mine that I hope to one day get back.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ll miss Nintendo Power.  It’s been a large part of my life, and its passing seems almost surreal to me.  I hope to see it in some kind of digital format soon.  I can’t wait to see what they do on their final December issue!


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