Support Monster World IV! A Call for Translation

I know the Wii is not the most popular console amongst modern gaming enthusiasts (despite what sales show), but there are some of us who still have our little Shovelware Players hooked up to our televisions. I love the Wii, but it’s hard to argue that it’s still relevant nowadays.  I can easily count the triple A titles that have come out for the thing in the last year on one hand, and I’d still have enough fingers to allow me to unhook the damn thing and throw it in the closet until my grandma comes over to finish what she started (that ace was a fluke, granny!).

I hate you SOOOO much!

The only reason I have my Wii still hooked up is for my Virtual Console collection, but even that sounds like a joke.  The Virtual Console has pretty much been dead for way over a year. Games used to come out 3-at-a-time every week, and there was always at least one game I wanted in each batch.  But then, it became only 2 games a week.  Then, 2 games a month.  And now, we’re lucky if we get 1 VC game a quarter.

But I held on.  I knew that, if I kept my chin up and persevered, something great was bound to happen.  I mean, there were a lot of games that came out on VC that I never expected: Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Rondo of Blood, Ufouria: The Saga.  Surely, something would come out and validate all the time I spent dusting off my Wii, right?


Out of nowhere, here’s Monster World IV!  Holy crap!  This is amazing!  MW4 is a game I’ve always wanted to play, and now, by the grace of Sega, I’m able to finally play it.  Why’s that?  Because Sega decided to finally translate it into English!

This was in Japanese.  Sonic just changed it with his attitude.

That’s right.  MW4 was never released outside of Japan.  That meant that all of us non-Japanese speakers in the West had to ogle snapshots of it in EGM and GamePro with no payoff.  And this was back in ’93 and ’94.  That’s what makes this release so impressive.  Sega could have easily finished off the “beloved” Sonic Storybook Trilogy on the Wii instead of taking that time and translating an 18-year-old game.

Know what’d be better than working on this?  Anything!   – Sega

Well, here it is in 2012 and completely translated for a new generation of gamers.  I know some people are thinking, “Why didn’t you just download an emulator and get the rom?  I’m sure someone made a patch for it.”  That may be, but I think you’re missing the point here.

Unlike this mushroom!  HA!

This isn’t just about finally being able to play a game I’ve longed to play.  It’s about a company taking a risk.  Sega didn’t have to spend the time to translate MW4, mainly because of what I just brought up in the previous paragraph.  But they did.  Why?  Money, I suppose, but I’d be hard-pressed to say that they’ll see a huge profit from translating and re-releasing MW4. However, they should.  Sega should definitely gain a huge profit from this venture, because it’s just so awesome that they’ve done it, and it’s something that people want.

I know there’s a niche of gamers out there who would love to see more classic games from their youth resurrected and translated into English.  I say, make your voices heard!  Go and drop $9 to support Sega and its translation team.  If MW4 sells well, who knows what could happen?  Perhaps other companies would see how lucrative it is and follow suit.  We might be able to get official English versions of Wai Wai World, Sweet Home, and even releases like Mr. Gimmick.

C’mon, people!  You know you want him!

Admittedly, I haven’t had time to play MW4 yet, but I plan on getting a review up soon.  In the mean time, go get it yourself and play it!


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